Collective Experience Project Singles

by Jennie Sadler

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This experiment is over. Two binges on short-lived creative projects recording songs and accompanying videos on my phone.


released September 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Jennie Sadler Brattleboro, Vermont


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Track Name: Collective Experience 1
We met along the way
How much further you've come you say
So how have you been?
I get undressed and jump right in
"Whatever," I say
I don't want you to know what or who I did yesterday
whatever I do
I don't want you there just to see me through
Move it forward don't wait
There's nothing to do if you're already running late
Don't commit until death
The only time to waste is when there's nothing left
Forever you say?
I don't want you to know what or who I did anyway
Whatever don't play
I just can't wait to move on to another place
The deadliness follows
When empty hearts sink
Whoever's beside me
Is making me think
If I could rewind you
I wouldn't have learned
That all of this freedom
Was rightfully earned
What will await
Unbelievable fate
Tell me how it came true
What's left today
Inconceivably great
How did I get through?
Let's go outside
I want to see you in the light
No need to hide
I won't hold on to you very tight
Don't you worry
Cause I'm not afraid
My life ahead of me will be great
I'll run for office and leave you a clue
Deep in the layers of document two
Safe in safekeeping, they will never find
The reason I stayed was a fear of the ride
Then I will burn every building I buy
just to show off what my figure can try
Then when it's over I'll do what I want
No more forgiving to act as a front
Track Name: Collective Experience 2
I know that I will never leave you
Your parents probably don't believe you
When you tell them how much that you need my eyes
Even to the both of us it's a surprise

I'm looking back to the beginning
Before we understood our winnings
Then when I told you it was just too hot inside
That was the best move that I ever could have tried

Don't turn back
Grasp my hand

A billion stars suspend above the
Magnificence that soon would love me
I couldn't tell you how incredible the sight
I wasn't there, I wasn't dead, I was alive
The perfect sound
In surround
Hold me down
Kiss me all around

That was all it took
That was all I'd need
That was all I'd wanted
But then that was all I'd breathe

Couldn't let you out
The foreground of my mind
Every second craving
Just a little more of your time

Days began to slow
I could barely speak
Having you around me,
Nothing else was bleak
Fingers intertwine
Staring in your eyes
Give a little smile
To the rest of our lives

This is my forever
Not something I can leave
Perfect fit together
I still cannot believe
You make it all better
I need you to come with me
You've sent me to heaven
In my body